Programming On A Single Interface - The mill/turn Module
The module is completely integrated in hyperMILL®. This means that only one user interface is required for all milling and turning operations.
hyperMIL millTURN 
hyperMILL® millTURN
The mill turn module of the powerful hyperMILL CAM software®.It is completely integrated with only one user interface for all milling and turning strategies.The advantages of a modern mill turn machine for all-in one machining in one setupcan be utilised very comfortably. Flexible planning is another advantage. Blanks can beturned from any material block.

Seamlessly integrated
With the integration inhyperMILL®, mill turnstrategies as well as all2D, 3D and 5axis millingstrategies are available on one user interface. All turning and milling strategies can be freely combined. The user has a large degree of flexibility in programmingand selecting the bestpossible machiningstrategy.

  • One programming environment for turning and milling tasks
  • A broad spectrum of available turning and milling strategies for flexible programming up to complex 5axis projects
  • Uniform user interfaceUse hyperMILL® millTURN to profit from the advantages of modern mill/turn machines, such as complete machining, higher accuracy and reduced setup times
  • Stock tracking across all turning and milling cycles
  • One database for turning, milling and drilling tools
  • Collision checking across all cycles and the entire component
  • One postprocessor for turning and milling operations
Stock Tracking for All operations
Stock tracking is calculated for all turning and milling operations. Each operation draws on a stock already taken into account in the previous machining step. This ensures the highest possible level of machining precision.

A Tool Database
The shared tool database can be used for turning, milling and drilling tools and therefore enables standardised tool management. The complete description of the cutting and holder geometry as well as the position provides an optimal basis for fully automated collision control. Furthermore, the user is able to define free collision zones. For grooving tools, the ISCAR groove turn strategy has been integrated.

One Postprocessor
A postprocessor individually adapted to the machines, controllers and components used generates the NC codes for turning and milling operations in one NC program.
Turn roughing
Turn roughing can be carried out as long turning, facing or contour-parallel roughing. Roughing can be carried out with a tilted tool. Falling contours are also taken into account.

Turn finishing
With thisstrategy the roughed surfaces are finished by contour-parallel machining. Different approach and retract macros, such as tangential approach/retract or approach/retract in arc movements, make optimal machining possible. The various approach and retract macros can becombined with each other.

With this strategy parts with shoulders and grooves canbe machined. Grooving, partingoff and groove turning are programmable. Different options are available, such as axial grooving, axial grooving with ramp for materials that are difficult to chip, radial roughing for thin and deep grooves or several finishing strategies.

Thread cutting
This strategy is used for turning external and internal threads with a constant pitch. This makes it possible to turn single- or multiple-start cylindrical or cone-shaped external and internal threads. Infeed occurs with either a constant chip section or a constant X value. Threads are very easy to define by determining the outer edge of the thread, core or outer diameter, as well as leading or trailing movement.

On mill/turn machines, this strategy is an alternative to helical drilling. It is useful for turning holes on the workpiece’s axis of rotation with a fixed tool. Stock tracking can also be used with this strategy.
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