CAD for CAM Users

This groundbreaking CAD/CAM integration enables more efficient CAD processes and unrestricted CAM programming. The hyperMILL® CAM software benefits directly from hyperCAD®-S and its unprecedented functional scope.

With hyperCAD®-S, OPEN MIND has created a CAD application specifically designed for the tasks of an NC programmer. Compared with other CAD systems, hyperCAD®-S has a significantly expanded core, including, for example, all of the common toolpaths used in CAM programming. Other highlights of this CAD solution for CAM users include 64-bit architecture, a clearly structured user interface and a comprehensive collection of interfaces.
One CAM Software In a class of its own
Only a high-end CAM developer can do CAD for CAM. With this in mind, Open Mind Technologies AG – known as an innovative pioneer – developed a new CAD system from scratch that is perfectly matched to hyperMILL® . The system has its own 3D CAD kernel from OPEN MIND. The result is a unique CAD system for CAM programmers that is very easy to learn and that vastly accelerates NC programming processes.

hyperCAD® -S fully exploits the performance offered by contemporary hardware systems to create digital manufacturing data. The advanced and extremely powerful 64-bit system is the perfect solution for mastering many of the daily challenges that arise when working with meshes, faces and solids to create precise components and tools. Large volumes of imported data can be prepared for subsequent NC programming easily, quickly and safely and completely independently from the original CAD system. hyperCAD® -S is pure ‘CAD for CAM’.
Efficient Solid Modelling
hyperCAD® -S Solids – the module for solid modelling – was, of course, also developed primarily for CAM programmers. In contrast to engineers and designers, this group requires features without a history tree during solid modelling. Why make it complicated if doing it directly is quicker? With the innovative approach to direct modelling offered by hyperCAD® -S Solids, solid modelling becomes a real joy: After the faces or features of a solid model have been selected, the position and shape of the faces of the solid model can be modified in real time simply by dragging handles and manipulators. And the best thing is that direct modelling does not only work with native data but also with external data that have been imported and have no feature history information.

The hyperCAD® -S Solids module allows all solid models to be reliably imported, created, converted, modified and combined. Working with solid models becomes noticeably easier and much more intuitive: Chamfers, fillets and holes can be directly moved, reduced, enlarged or deleted by means of recognised features. The use of existing features and associated functionalities allows CAM programmers who work with faces and solids to be more productive and flexible.
The Right CAD Basis From The Start
Every CAM programmer is familiar with the standard CAD tasks of selecting, adding, deleting, modifying, showing and hiding faces, curves and points. Users expect top-quality results from the ruled, filling and offset faces that they create. hyperCAD® -S offers all this and much more. OPEN MIND took great care when developing the CAD innovation to adapt the range of CAD functions to meet the real needs of CAM programmers rather than designers.

Instead of relying on numerous distributed submenus (as is the case in conventional design systems), hyperCAD® -S uses central, user-friendly dialogues with large icons. Smart selection mechanisms and innovative, freely definable filter functions make it considerably easier to use geometric entities for subsequent programming. Imported geometry can be cleaned quickly if needed using standard surface modifying tools.
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