Full Programming for any Swiss Style Turning Machine 
Swiss-Style Machining
ESPRIT for Swiss is incredibly quick to program. Quickly gain confidence programming your Swiss-style machine tools with ESPRIT. With ESPRIT, you can program, simulate, create set-up sheets, and quote reliably from one system interface.
Read our SwissTurn™ white paper for details on how ESPRIT’s virtual programming and full machine simulation/ verification allow you to program all milling/turning operations and verify them before putting them on the machine. 
Virtual Error Checking
Built-in simulation and post processing round out a complete tool kit for programming any part on a Swiss lathe. View your parts as they would be machined on the lathe, all in one window and with one interface.

Quote New Work Accurately
In seconds, ESPRIT will convert your program file into a custom formatted time study report you can use to accurately quote the job. You can also present this visual, easy-to-read information as a personalized report to the customer.

  • Part Information 
  • Company information with logo 
  • Operation Details 
  • Tool Details 
  • Machine Type
Accurate G-Code
ESPRIT Swiss delivers production quality
G-Code programs for Swiss turning that are highly optimized to minimize cycle times, reduce remnant waste, and to preserve tool wear while maximizing part quality. Starting with a complete definition of the cutting tools and comprehensive / flexible machining cycles, tool path is quickly built from any 2D or 3D geometry, solids or surface model to accommodate any cutting requirements for complex Swiss-style CNC machines.

  • Program Swiss machines quickly  
  • Generate NC code correctly the first time  
  • Accurately quote the job for your machine  
  • Verify programs to minimize crashes  
  • Quickly generate set-up sheets and program information

Pinch Milling 
Machine shops must constantly balance the need for quality with the need to reduce cycle times. One solution to this challenge is a machine equipped with two opposing turrets. These machines allow pinch machining, where two tools cut simultaneously on either side of the workpiece.

Hard Sync 
ESPRIT makes it easy to synchronize turning operations and tool changes in the Operation Manager. Drag-and-drop technology can be used to quickly create a sync before or after an operation or before or after a tool change.

Soft Sync 
Synchronization across multiple channels from code block to code block.
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