ESPRIT 2016 uses a physics-based cutting engine which provides the foundation for the technologies such as ProfitTurning™.While traditional cutting strategies consider only the geometry of materials, ESPRIT 2016 taps deeper into the science of how different industrial materials can be cut in the most efficient ways possible. Its new toolpath technology uses the principles of physics to formulate unique strategies for each cutting challenge. To do that, ESPRIT 2016 inputs all relevant factors in the toolpath algorithm such as tool material, tool shape, workpiece material, tool speed, feed rate, chip deforming, chip load, machine tool power, acceleration and deceleration. This helps establish complete control of the cutting environment, allowing for optimal cutting everywhere along the toolpath. 

ProfitTurning's innovative lathe roughing strategy helps eliminate the adverse effects of traditional turning during Roughing and Grooving cycles. ProfitTurning™ enables manufacturers to make more efficient cuts with consistent chip loads and cutting forces, thereby reducing tool wear and decreasing cycle time. This is achieved using a new toolpath algorithm based on an engagement control strategy, which allows for consistent cutting forces universally, and achieves the highest level of productivity.
  • Triple tool life
  • Ideal for cutting hard materials and super alloys with thin walls
  • Reduce cycle time by 25%
  • Reduced vibration and irregular cutting forces
  • Reduce cost per part by 60%
  • Higher feed rate and side loaded cutting
  • Near constant chip load
  • Alternate cut direction with smooth transitions
Read our ProfitTurning™ white paper for details on the new technology's benefits for manufacturers, and to learn why ProfitTurning™ is more effective than traditional turning methods.
ProfitTurning™ is a high-speed lathe roughing strategy developed by DP Technology Corp. for OD/ID/face cutting and other tasks. Fast, secure and efficient, it also extends tool life by significantly minimizing wear. Compared to conventional ramping methods, ProfitTurning™ reduces machine cycle time as well as the frequency tooling inserts need to be replaced.

“ESPRIT 2016’s ProfitTurning™ toolpath maintains consistent cutting forces and chip loads, allowing cutting speeds to be significantly increased. By employing trochoidal turning and controlled engagement techniques, the ProfitTurning™ toolpath also reduces vibration and residual stresses, which in turn makes it particularly well-suited to thin walls or hard materials, especially super alloys. The net result is significantly reduced cycle times and maximized productivity.”
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