ESPRIT is easy to use for quick jobs, yet packed with power to handle the most complex production milling work. Whether you are programming 2 1/2-axis parts or 5-axis machining, ESPRIT will give you the programming power you need and the ease-of-use you are looking for.
Roughing and Pocketing 
ESPRIT's pocketing cycle provides full tool control and extensive automation for roughing and finishing pockets. ESPRIT can dramatically simplify your programming whether you are machining straight-forward squares or complex pockets with irregular boundaries, multi-level islands, and multiple bosses and sub-pockets. The broad variety of pocket machining and finishing patterns provided by ESPRIT yields virtually unlimited options for your pocket milling needs.

Rest Machining 

ESPRIT's intelligent rest machining cutting cycle automatically recognizes the machining operations and cutting tools associated with a given part feature, compares the workpiece 'as machined' to the original part 'as designed', and automatically performs pocketing and contouring of the uncut areas of remaining material. ESPRIT programmers use the rest machining cycle to easily perform roughing and pre-finishing work with optimal cutting tool choices.
Production Milling with 5-axis Machines 
ESPRIT SolidMill Production adds 5-axis machining capability to ESPRIT's milling cycles. Programmers can use multiple fixture offset with local or global work coordinates to machine any part face, using any ESPRIT machining cycle. ESPRIT's 5-axis indexing supports any combination of rotary tables and tilting heads to orient the part, then machines with 2 1/2 and 3-axis operations using one or more ESPRIT cycles.

Rotary Wrap Milling 
ESPRIT rotary milling is performed directly from the 3D features of solid models or from flat 2D features. ESPRIT readily programs rotary contouring,pocketing and drilling utilizing a simultaneous 4th axis. ESPRIT converts one of the standard 3-axis movements (X, Y, or Z) into a rotary C-axis movement, wrapping the profile around a rotary axis and employing an optional Y-axis offset to ensure straight walls.
Drilling and Hole Making 
For drilling and hole making, choose between ESPRIT's machining cycles and your machine tool's canned cycles,or use a combination of both. Cut complex holes that require multiple cycles and tools in a single step with ESPRIT. Using the Process manager, in one step you can spot drill with chamfer, through drill, counter bore, and ream a set of holes. ESPRIT's thread milling machining cycle gives you the ability to machine internal or external right- or left-hand threads, and ESPRIT's spiraling cycle is ideal for milling holes. ESPRIT automatically generates optimized toolpaths, minimizing cycle time.

Custom Machining Cycles 
ESPRIT's custom machining cycles give you complete control over individual cutting tool movements. With ESPRIT's insert technology function you can adjust machining parameters within a machining cycle at any point during the cut, and the custom cycle gives you the option of inserting commands, in-line G-code,and special cutting tool movements at any point in the CNC program. ESPRIT gives you the power to pause the cutting process and retract the cutting tool for part or tool inspection with the park function and graphically edit the toolpath with the toolpath editor.
Powerful Programming for all Milling Machines 
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