Optimize your machining process and increase your profits

ESPRIT 2016 is the ultimate machine tool solution with new innovative cutting strategies, increased simulation speed, enhanced CAD recognition features and new Wire-EDM and 5-axis features. ESPRIT will be the only CAM software you will ever need to optimize your machining process and increase your profits.
Enhanced CAD Recognition
ESPRIT 2016 offers new advanced CAD recognition functions to correct and detect any unseen defects in an imported CAD model. End users can now program accurate toolpaths and machining operations despite the accuracy of their CAD model geometry easily with ESPRIT.

In ESPRIT 2016 the new edit fillets command now makes it easier to make minor changes to any CAD model by removing fillet faces, changing the radius, or generating a spine curve along the center of the fillet radius. 

  • Easy evaluation of fillet radius value 
  • Remove fillet faces to allow the tool radius to form 
  • Change a fillet radius without revising the CAD file 
  • Extract a spine curve to use as a drive curve in a machining operation

A new Smooth Surface transformation command has been added in ESPRIT 2016 to smooth micro-defects not noticeable at first glance. The Smooth Surface command makes it even simpler to correct surface defects based on ESPRIT's enhanced smoothing algorithm

The Auto Chain feature in ESPRIT 2016 now recognizes properties of the floor or bottom of a solid and determines the direction automatically.

This enhancement is especially useful when adjacent walls are curved instead of planar.Recognize the depth, draft angle and cut side from solid elements Find the longest length of the shortest face in the loop Identify the depth of curved walls
Accelerated Machining
Accelerate your machining process with ESPRIT 2016's upgraded simulation engine designed to save CAM users valuable time and find the optimal toolpath quicker.

Enhanced Simulation
ESPRIT 2016's enhanced simulation engine provides up to 14 times faster simulation speeds without compromising machining accuracy, quality or stability. 

  • Higher quality surface finishing 
  • Optimal Toolpath creation 
  • Enhanced simulation speed

Increased CAD Data Exchange Support
ESPRIT continues to support a vast range of CAD software's. In ESPRIT 2016 users can now also easily import more CAD files such as:
  • Rhino 3dm files
  • SolidWorks sketch data
  • CATIA V6 3dxml files version 2011x-2013 ACIS files up to Version 21
  • Parasolid files up to Version 28 

Greater Added Value
  • Increased CAD file support 
  • Faster feature creation from CAD models
Advanced Machining Capabilities
ESPRIT 2016 features a new high-speed lathe roughing strategy based upon the physics of cutting. 

  • Constant cutting load 
  • Better chip control on hard materials such as Titanium, Inconel, heat resistant super alloys and stainless steel. 
  • Reduced vibration and irregular cutting forces 
  • Drastically increase tool life 
  • Increase overall feed rate 
  • Reduce tool engagements using round inserts 
  • Optimize insert edges with zigzag movements

ESPRIT's revolutionary ProfitMilling™ technology has advanced to allow users the ability to customize the size of trochoidal movements for any type of pocket with just one setting. 

  • Easily assign the maximum trochoidal width or percentage of tool diameter 
  • Quickly adjust the amount of trochoidal motion in toolpath 
  • Maximize long sweeping motions to prevent small trochoidal arcs
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